“The Beatdown Collective is a “Funktronic”/Electro-fusion duo made up of two dynamic instrumentalist with Jason  Panucci aka “Papa Nucc” on Hammond Organ/Keys/Beats and Jeff Nania on Sax/Flute/Effects. Funky beats,heady jazz,body movin’ grooves with live manipulation of tracks that will keep you head nodding’and your face melting.” - The guy with the melted face.

“The combination of jazz and electronic (funk/jazztronica) is improvisational by nature and creates a precarious blend of simplicity and complexity that is mind-blowing. Watching the two work off of each other, improving and building off of each other's energy and sound was quite a pleasure.” - KC  Orcutt Jamforums.com

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Jeff with The Chronicles

The Beatdown Collective